Alex Georgiev

Monitor disk space usage with BASH

Written on April 4, 2021

Top 10 Git GUI clients

Written on March 29, 2021

Git aliases

Written on March 23, 2021

How to install and use Maldet (Linux Malware Detect)

Written on March 19, 2021

CentOS is gone, now what?

Written on March 9, 2021

Introduction On December 8th, Red Hat announced that they will discontinue the CentOS project and move forward to CentOS Stream. This was announced on the CentOS blog and Red Hat website: https://blo...

Remote Development in Visual Studio Code

Written on March 1, 2021

Introduction If you run multiple servers and you do not want to edit files and open folders using ssh client and text editors like vim, vi or nano and you want to take advantage of all the features of...

Do you use Linux?

Written on February 22, 2021

Introduction A lot of people love Linux due to its ease of use, great compatibility with almost any hardware and because it's free and open-source! Linux is not only powering almost 90% of all cloud i...

Version control with Visual Studio Code

Written on February 15, 2021

Introduction As much as I love to use the terminal in order to do my daily tasks in the end I would rather do multiple tasks within one window (GUI) or perform everything from the terminal itself. In ...

How to Synchronize Your GitHub Fork

Written on February 2, 2021

Introduction First lets start with explaining what is a Fork. A fork is a copy of a repository. Forking a repository allows you to freely experiment with changes without affecting the original project...

Bash random password generator

Written on January 30, 2021

Introduction It's not uncommon situation where you will need to generate a random password that you can use for any software installation or when you sign-up to any website. There are a lot of options...

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